YouTuber Built a Working Tank

Tue Nov 15. 2022

YouTuber Built a Working Tank

Minecraft allows you to create many different things. You have endless options, whether you want to create your own Elden Ring or an in-game GIF. It's all about freedom. The game's many systems allow for some truly unique creations, such as a functioning Minecraft tank.

Good old Mysticat, who you may recognize from their impressive Crossy Road version, woke up and chose violence to build themselves a tank. You'll likely already know the end result if you've seen any of their content.

Mysticat builds the model for the tank and then tries to turn it around. They've done all of this before, but the most interesting part of the video is how they create the firing mechanism. After some experimentation, they decide to use snowballs with a few additional commands to make them explosive and change their gravity. They also set them on fire for some visual flair.

Mysticat invites their friends to a big arena to have a building contest. Mysticat is not trusted at this point but they all agree to it. Mysticat summons the tank and modifies their builds while giving important feedback. It's all here.