Top 5 greatest blocks in the last Minecraft update

Sat Dec 17. 2022

Top 5 greatest blocks in the last Minecraft update

Minecraft 1.18 is the biggest update to Minecraft's terrain. This update includes new build limits, mobs and items. It is not surprising that players are eagerly awaiting this update.

This update has many key components. While some blocks were technically accessible in 1.17, others were not available without creative mode or cheats. These blocks are now naturally generated and are often found while exploring.

5) Azalea Tree

Both the Azalea block (and the Azalea tree) were added to Minecraft 1.17. They were not able to generate previously. This was because Azalea trees can only spawn in a lush cave biome. The Minecraft 1.18 update has made it possible to generate them.

Azalea is functional in that it can be used to pollinate honeybees, and can also be used as fuel in furnaces. A block of Azalea can be used to make bone meal, which will increase the chance of growing a new tree by 45%.

4) Dripstone

Although the Dripstone block was once rare in Minecraft 1.17, it is now more common to find it. This once-rare block is now found in abundance within a Dripstone Cave.

These Dripstone caves contain both regular Dripstone blocks and pointed Dripstone. They can also be found as stalagmite or stalactite in the caves. Dripstone has become much more common in Minecraft 1.18.

3) Moss blocks

This block was also added in the 1.17 upgrade, but it did not naturally generate as it is only found within 'lush caves. These caves did not form in 1.17 but now they do in the 1.18 update.

Moss blocks have a few main functional uses. One of the most important is that players can now craft mossy bricks and mossy cobblestone. Last, but not least: moss blocks are now possible to be made into moss carpets.

2) Powder Snow

Powder Snow is a trap block that was added to the 1.17 update, but did not naturally create until 1.18. Once this block has been stepped on, players can walk slower and eventually freeze.

Once players are frozen, they will see their FOV drop and their hearts change to a cyan hue. Then, they will start taking damage. A player can take 1HP (1/2 heart) for every 40 ticks (2 second). This effect can be prevented by wearing leather armor.

1) 'Otherside Music Disc

The Minecraft 1.18 update added 'Otherside' a new music disk. It spawns naturally, unlike other music discs. You can find it in strongholds and very rarely within a Dungeon.

This disk, which was made by artist “Lena Raine”, has a upbeat melody that once it is placed in a jukebox gives off a musical calm. It's a cheerful and cheery disk that you can use to create a happy atmosphere with your friends when playing Minecraft 1.18.